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TRETA Talk is a quarterly newsletter by the Texas Real Estate Teachers' Association. Let's answer three important questions about this publication.

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Why should I care?

This is a newsletter by Texas real estate educators for Texas real estate educators (and some of our other friends around the country). It includes articles and commentary by some of our industry's leading educators from colleges, universities, and proprietary schools, as well as regulators, publishers, writers, and others. Its focus is on Texas real estate education and the issues and developments that impact the real estate teaching profession and passion.

Why should I read it?

You will find this publication to be of immense value to you in your real estate teaching career. Items found in TRETA Talk include the latest developments in the world of real estate, regulatory changes, industry developments, tips for the classroom or online instruction, and input from the venerable and experienced gurus among us as well as our new and rising stars. Information on our annual conference, teaching resources, and other valuable information is included.

Why should I contribute to it?

TRETA Talk includes the many voices in real estate education and we want to hear from all of you. Whether you have been teaching for decades or just a few months, we want you to know that your input is sought after and welcome. The more contributors we have the more beneficial the publication becomes. Serious treatment of the issues facing real estate instructors today is always needed. Lighthearted contributions concerning the trials and tribulations of instructors and our students can be fun and informative at the same time. Send your contributions along with a short bio, and even a photo of yourself to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please keep in mind that TRETA retains editorial control over all submissions.


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Our Purpose

  • The purpose of the TRETA organization shall be:

    • To be the premier education resource for Texas Real Estate Teachers,

    • To serve as a network and a vehicle for the exchange of ideas for Texas Real Estate Teachers, and

    • To serve as a voice for the concerns and issues of TRETA members.
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